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C.T.F. @ U.C.F.
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Below are the 7 most recent journal entries recorded in Capture The Flag @ University of Central Florida's LiveJournal:

Friday, January 13th, 2006
3:11 pm
CTF @ UCF: Second Game, 2 day notice!


Friday, November 4th, 2005
12:58 pm

tonight is the first game of the CTF @ UCF club and I'm posting this so that you may all attend.

We meet at midnight tonight in front of the flame of hope, you can't miss us, we'll have big ass canvas blue and red flags.

So check it out, we'd love to have you come play!
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
7:04 pm
Well, flags are bought, and assembled.

This shit is getting off the ground.


We meet in front of the flame of hope, bring friends and preferably both a blue and red shirt, if possible.

Awesome, see you there.
Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
2:20 am
First GAME!

Will be next week November 4th at MIDNIGHT in front of the Library, fucking MEET there and be ready to play.


Team Colors:

Red and White

Judge Color:


Current Mood: accomplished
2:09 am
I. Iron-clad Rules for CTF:

1. 1 flag to each team
2. There must be at least 2 judges to solve disputes between teams.
3. There is to be, at minimum, 2 “hot” zones and 1 neutral zone.
4. Tagging in the Neutral zone has no effect.
5. If you are tagged in the opposing team’s Hot zone by an opposing team member, they MUST escort you to jail for the tag to count.
6. When in jail, you must remain there until a team-mate rescues you.

II. Jail Release Rules:

Note: These cannot be used simultaneously, One mode of jail release is voted on before each match.

1. Eye for an Eye: 1 team-mate can only rescue 1 team-mate from jail; they must remain in physical contact until they cross into the neutral zone. Physical Contact Immunity = P.C.I. Chains of people cannot be formed, only pairs (unless the rescuer is the team captain.)
2. Jail Break: If 1 team-mate tags any one team-member in jail, they are all freely released, they do not have immunity of any kind and are unable to steal the flag until they cross into the neutral zone first.

III. Rules for Flag Capture:

1. When a player steals the opposing team’s flag, it becomes “floating”.
2. A “floating” flag can be passed to any other team-mate by that player by any means that does not involve the disassembly of the flag.
3. The flag should never be disassembled.
4. The flag must be brought to the flag base to count as a score.
5. If a team is missing either their team captain or their flag, they cannot score until they are both returned.
6. The flag can be held onto for as long as necessary.
7. If the flag carrier is tagged, regardless of zone location, he/she must drop the flag.
8. Upon scoring, the flags are returned to their teams and the game is reset, i.e. All prisoners are released, all spies return, new bases and jails are established (if the team captain deems this to be necessary).

IV. Judge Rules and Powers:

1. There must be at least TWO Judges to provide judgment and provide checks and balances.
2. The judges may not “play favorites” to either team, this will result in loss of judge-hood.
3. The judges may not give either team information on location or status of either team’s jail, flag, spies, team captains, or players to the other team.
4. The judges are allowed to wander freely between the neutral zone and the hot zones.
5. The Judges cannot be “captured” nor can they “capture”.
6. The Judges are able to perform a “Geneva Convention” in an effort to keep the game moving and alive when the ratio of captives to free team members is too high.
7. A “Geneva Convention” is when a judge elects 2 to 6 people of his/her choice to be released from jail and granted immunity through physical contact until they cross back into their own hot zone.
8. The Judges decide when a team has “scored” i.e. they possess the other team’s flag, their flag is safe, and their team captain is present.
9. The flag score must be seen by the Judge to count.
10. The Judges keep track of the score.

V. Abilities of the Team Captain:

1. Gives “orders”, makes plans, and determines jail and flag locations for their team.
2. Gets a walkie-talkie with which to communicate with two other members of his team (recommended other members: Flag Captain, Spy.)
3. If the Team Captain successfully gets to the opposing team jail, he/she may take back 4 people through P.C.I. to their hot zone.
4. Gets a silly hat (maybe).

VI. Abilities of Flag Captain:

1. Watches the flag.
2. Let’s everyone know when the flag has been captured.
3. That’s it…seriously.

VII. Abilities of Spy/Rogue:

1. They aren’t covered by the “Geneva Convention” rule.
2. Can’t posses the flag.
3. Can not cause jail break or rescue team-members from jail.
4. Can run from jail at any time, if captured.
5. If able to sneak up on an opposing team member in their own “hot zone” they can “disable” them by placing their hand on the opponent’s back (NOT slapping, punching, hitting, flicking but PLACING). When disabled the opposing team member must remain in the same place and silent until 30 seconds has passed.

VIII. Uniforms:

Judges: Gray Shirt and/or colors of all teams present.
Team Captains: A band of their team color around their head.
Spy: Team color band around either/both leg(s)
1. Non-Officer members cannot wear officer demarcations.
2. If an Officer removes their demarcations with ill-intent and/or with malice they lose the abilities and rank of that officer for the duration of the game.

Current Mood: accomplished
Friday, October 14th, 2005
3:14 am
First Game
I need to know when is a good day or days you would be willing to throw down on our first game. I know some of you have jobs that require you to work sucky hours from midnight and up.

Well, most of our games will be starting at 11:30 to Midnight.

Any day is open for play, not just the weekends.

So reply with good days for you or days that you don't work.

First game will be week after next.

Monday, October 10th, 2005
2:06 am
First Post/Officers

I'm Joshua a Senior English Literature Major at UCF. I'm the President/founding member of UCF @ CTF.

The other officers are:

Josh Evans: Vice President
Kelly Timmons: Vice President Part Deux.

They are also founding members.

Look, we're trying to get a bunch of kids out onto the campus at night to play CTF. That's the long and short of it. As any of you should know, CTF, just like any other outside running around game, is the most fun with more people. So, we're aiming at at least 20 people so we can have a good hardcore game. I mean two teams of 3 people just isn't as intense as two groups of 10 charging at eachother like the Scots-men of Braveheart.

So, join up, and we'll keep you posted on the goings on of this here group.

If you need to contact me for questions you can @:

E-mail: Joshwatford24@hotmail.com
AIM: Shaggedy

I check everyday. I hope to hear from you!
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